MeltDose® Technology

MeltDose drug delivery technology is used to enhance the oral bioavailability and control the release of a drug, especially low water-soluble or -insoluble drugs. The goal of this technology is to improve efficacy and/or reduce side effects.

Particle size plays a vital role in bioavailability. Unlike conventional and nanocrystal drug delivery formulations which use larger particles that are more difficult to absorb, MeltDose technology enhances bioavailabilty by reducing the drug to the smallest-possible particle size-down to single molecules. The smaller particle size enables better dissolution and absorption.

MeltDose technology achieves particle-size reduction by heating the active drug to create a "melt" solution.

Conventional drug: 10µ Nanocrystal Technology: 0.1-1µ MeltDose Technology: Single Molecule

The melt solution is then sprayed onto an inert particulate carrier (or "matrix"), using a patented nozzle. The matrix in MeltDose technology customizes release kinetics to achieve the desired timing and rate of release.

Sprayed Melted Drug Particles Customizable Matrix Tablet

The drug and carrier solidifies into a state of solid solution, and the resulting granulate is compressed into a tablet.

MeltDose® technology is protected by a patent issued in May 2007 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, US Patent No. 7,217,431. The patent covers the method of making a particulate material containing a drug substance with low aqueous solubility using a unique controlled agglomeration process.